Online Tutoring

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is a popular way of providing coaching to students living in different parts of the world. In recent times, online coaching for CBSE exam has become very popular among the student community in India as well as foreign countries, Especially within the NRI community, who understand the significance and high reputation of Indian education system. 

On these lines, there are thousands of NRI students in UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia Kuwait and others, who aspire to study in top Indian institutes for pursuing their higher education. Score good marks in CBSE exam; they seek expert support from the best faculty. We at,

 BHARATEXAM bring to you just that. We understand the underlying requirements and practices of the Indian education system and induct subject experts who deliver the best. Opportunities for online tutoring in INDIA, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia Kuwait and others offer you the perfect gateway to success.

Improve academics with BHARTAEXAM Live Online Classes

Our accomplished team of experts help students achieve conceptual clarity and also guide them to compete with lakhs of other students in the best possible manner.

1.  To let students know us and our teaching standards better, we provide a free demo class to them

2.  We provide live online classes to the students across the world to prepare for CBSE and other school exams.

3.  The live online classes and best material is given to students so that students perform well in their exams

4.  The material is developed by top experts, are given to all the students enrolled for an online program.

5. Online classes are scheduled according to the school hours of students.

6.  A Parent Teacher Connect is provided from time to time to let parents know about their children progress and growth.

7. A counsellor is provided for the entire duration of the online program, to motivate the students and make them perform better.

8.  We nurture them with right strategies and proper guidance to cope up with the pressure of appearing for the competitive exams.

9. Subjective Test series are provided regularly to students, to help them keep practising the solutions.

10.  BHARATEXAM also offers scholarships to the deserving candidates.

11.  We offer special classes to our students in need of special attention.

BHARATEXAM is one of the top online tutoring portal and support when it comes to preparation for CBSE exam (11th, 12th) in India. The programs and courses offered are in line with the industry standards and are updated regularly.

These customized and exam specific classes​ ​are conducted by expert faculty, which is best in their respective fields. We offer,

1.  One year course for Class 12 students

2.  Two years complete course for Class 11 students

3. Individual classes for single subject is also available

We have many years of experience in mentoring students in their quest to get good marks in school exams. So, reach out to us for Online Tutoring in INDIA, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia Kuwait and others. It strengthens your career prospects.

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